Toad Builds A Road
Toad makes a road

Toad hops happily.
She has a new house on the hill.
“My new house is best,” she boasts.
Toad waits and waits for the truck to bring her things.
Time ticks on….
She’s out of luck.
Where is that truck?
Is the truck stuck?
Toad hops down the hill.
She’s in luck.
There’s the truck.
“I can’t get up the hill. The load will spill”.
There’s no track for the truck.
So, Toad brings her things up the hill.
Toad is tired.
With one last hop she flops into bed….
Next day, Toad eats toast.
“Today is my party!”
But only Billy the goat comes up the hill.
“It’s far too steep, except for me or a sheep.”
“What you need is a road, Toad”
“If I need a road, then I will build a road!” says Toad.
“But toads can’t make roads,” says Billy. “That’s silly.”
“Wait and see!” says Toad.
Toad clears a track.
She then lays black sticky tar.
She steam rollers it flat.
Toad’s road is ready.
Now toads in luck.
Here comes the truck!