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Meet Your Local Team

Meet Your Local Team

This area of the site will introduce you to everyone in our team and explain what each of us does.

For some staff a contact form will be displayed, allowing you to contact that person direct through the website with a question if you would like to.

Administration & Support Services

Marion Plotnek- Administrator

Hello my name is Marion; I am the Centre's Administrator. My role is to welcome you, answer the phone, respond to enquiries and signpost families to the most appropriate services. If I can be of any help please telephone, e-mail or come in to see me.

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Anne Humphrey- Breastfeeding Counsellor

Hello my name is Anne and I am a breastfeeding counsellor. I work at the Baby Café on a Wednesday morning. We offer advice and support to breastfeeding mothers. I also give weaning information to offer advice and handy tips on this new stage in your baby's development.  

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Adele Clayton- Outreach Worker/ Advice And Information

Hello my name is Adele. I am the Centre's outreach worker and I work 4 days a week and some Saturdays. I also offer information, advice and help to register families. You can find me at our groups. My role is to support children, parents and carers, this can be one to one support or through a Nurturing group. I also plan and provide fun exciting activities for both parents and children to enjoy together.  

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Rachel Strutton- Outreach Worker

Hello, my name is Rachel and I have been volunteering at the Children's Centre since January 2008. I have just started as a part-time outreach worker and am looking forward to supporting local families. I will be helping to run ECAT Stay and Play, Young Parents Support Group and the Special Needs Toy Library. I will continue to work at the Baby Cafe.  

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Jenny Chay- Dental Nurse
Hi, I am Jenny and I am a Dental Nurse from East Surrey Hospital. I offer dental advice to local families at the Children's Centre groups and give talks at the Postnatal Groups. 

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Redhill and Reigate Health Team- Health
Hi, we are the Redhill and Reigate Health team and we work in partnership with the Children's Centre to support local families. We support on a range of issues, such as breastfeeding, weaning and other health matters. You can contact us through the Children's Centre. 

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Marie King- Centre Manager

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Midwife Team- Health
Hello, the community midwifes are at the Children's Centre on Monday afternoons to run the 10 day discharge clinics. This is often new parents first introduction to the Children's Centre after having a baby.
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Beth Pitt- Movement And Dance Session Leader
Hi, my name is Beth and I run movement sessions at the Children's Centre on Wednesday Mornings. We use props and musical instruments to explore movement, with an emphasis on having fun! Parents/ Carers are encouraged to participate with their children. From 18 months +

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Jenny Sharples- Music Teacher
Hi, I run open drop -in music sessions at Reigate Library on Tuesdays, 10.30 - 11.00am. These are fun, friendly sessions with percussion instruments for children to enjoy. Contact the Children's Centre for more information. I also run Musictots sessions for Surrey County Arts, tailored to children's specific age groups. Please email me to find out more.

To send a note to Jenny Sharples please click here
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Sally Adlam- Home School Link Worker/ Family Links Tutor

Hello my name is Sally and I work as a Home School Link Worker to offer family support for families with school age children, linking with the Children's Centre where there are also children under 5 in the family. I also run the family links parenting course, this is an informal course run for 10 weeks. Our aim is to try to have a more positive approach to parenting, as many of us have found that nagging all the time not only makes everyone feel cross and negative but usually doesn't work. The course includes some strategies for managing behaviour. 

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Volunteers and Peer Supporters- Children's Centre Volunteers


Hi, we are local mums who volunteer at the baby café each week. We appreciate what an important job local mums are doing and think that for a least one morning a week you deserve to be waited on with a hot cup of tea or coffee and a slice or two of homemade cake!


Peer Supporters:

Some mums have trained as Peer supporters. We are mums who are breastfeeding or who have breastfed and we volunteer at the Baby Café. We are there to welcome you and introduce you to other mums who are also breastfeeding. As Mums we understand the importance of breastfeeding and we understand what a good job you are doing but we also realise that sometimes breastfeeding can have challenges and we are here to offer you some more support.

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